Values in Practice

HoneyB Wellness Values in Practice Statement:

At HoneyB Wellness we are working to create a space that feels safe, authentic and inclusive for not only our clients, but for our clinicians as well. This means that as a practice we are actively taking steps to be more involved in our community and the people in it. We are prioritizing awareness and competency in the way we treat all of our “Hive”- clients, clinicians and community members, and specifically those in communities that have been marginalized.  

HoneyB is committed to a standard of care that is comprehensive and affirming to all individuals. In order to achieve this, we promise to continuously assess ourselves as individuals and as a practice in a reflective, honest way. We will continue to engage in learning opportunities in order to serve our clients and community members in the most appropriate and effective ways:

  • HoneyB staff clinicians receive an education stipend to ensure that clinicians can access training regularly.
  • HoneyB staff are also required to complete at least one hour of continuing education monthly, which creates accountability for our learning. 

HoneyB is also committed to making mental health treatment more accessible to those who have been marginalized or discriminated against. We are committed to engaging in social justice conversations and decolonizing mental health treatment within our practice through training, direct support to our clinicians of color, and ongoing conversations about how we can be of service to those in the communities that we are connected to:

  • All of our clinicians have pro bono and sliding scale spots available in order to make therapy more accessible. 
  • HoneyB offers different wellness events throughout the year in order to meet the needs of our community.
  • HoneyB also offers a wellness stipend to all of our clinicians in order to make sure we are allowing for balance as practitioners.
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