Steve Jakobovic

“At all times, I will be the pupil of everyone.” – Shantideva


Currently in school at University of Maryland School of Social Work – Clinical Behavioral Health, Projected Graduation: July 2024

MA in Sociology from The New School, NYC

Currently accepting new clients

Why work with a clinician in training?

What’s therapy with me like? To elevate the spirit, to process the past, to heal, and find your path! Using a person-centered approach, we will create a safe and affirming space to form healthier relationships with the self and others. Without judgment we will unpack any unhelpful thought patterns or behaviors to begin living the life you want and deserve. I draw from several modalities, including psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and mindfulness to guide and support your growth and healing.

How I’ve kept learning… I keep learning by being present when I listen and talk to every person I interact with. During breaks from school, I read books on practicing therapy. I am also in therapy doing mind-body work. By listening to the body and its wisdom, I am getting additional insight in who I am and who I would like to be.

Who do I work with? I work with heterosexual and LGBTQ+ adult individuals working through trauma, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, identity, relationship and sexuality issues.

My impacting identities…Although my mother is Latina, I move in this world as a white male. While I always strive to be culturally sensitive, I am aware that my life-experience will need to be monitored for biases/privilege. Having said this, I have lived experience of poverty, multi-ethnicity and depression, and am eager to work with anyone with similar issues.

I feel allied with… first generation Americans of mixed ethnicity, low-income populations, people with depression, and divorced individuals.

I am the best fit for a client who… is open to self-exploration and open to challenging thoughts and beliefs that may be self-defeating and self-limiting.

I am not a good fit for a client who… does not want to do the work that may help them find healing.

What makes me unique? I will listen with a kind heart; I will nudge softly; movement is key.


The Practical Stuff

What insurances do I accept? I am currently not in network with any insurances, but I offer therapy for a sliding scale between $0-70, based on what the client can afford.

Do I offer telehealth or in person sessions? I can do either!

Am I taking on new clients? Yes, please use the link below to schedule a free consultation call with me. Otherwise, the best way to contact me is by email at


The Fun Stuff

Did you know… I was a docent/tour guide at a zoo for about 5 years.

Any pets? A cat. Her name is Misha!

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Otherwise, the best way to contact me is by email at

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