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Samantha Roth, LMSW

Samantha Roth

Samantha has been providing compassionate care for survivors of trauma since 2012. She received her Masters in Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2017, with a certification in gender violence intervention, along with her LMSW license and is on track to get her LCSW-C in 2020. She also is a certified facilitator for the SMART Recovery substance abuse program.

While her areas of interest include trauma and substance abuse, Samantha also focuses on counseling for those in non-traditional or alternative relationship structures, including polyamory, non-monogamy, or otherwise open, from those just starting to explore to those who have been doing it for years. This includes counseling for both individual and couples (or triads or Vs or any other various structures). She also is not only kink-aware but kink-informed (no need to define any vocabulary!), and is passionate about working with those interested or involved in the various kink communities.

She generally prefers an eclectic therapy approach, since no two (or three or four) people or situation is alike. She favors strengths-based, solutions focused techniques that build upon a foundation of cognitive behavioral therapy. She also relies heavily on improving skills, especially in regards to communication and coping. Samantha is accessible for virtual therapy via telecommunication.

Sam can be reached at 757-320-9356 or

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