Mary Rimi


Johns Hopkins University

Accepting new clients on a case-by-case basis

What’s therapy with me like? I focus most on sex therapy, trauma, and borderline traits, using dialectical behavioal therapy (DBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACAT), and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). 

DBT & ACT are simple to understand, and have a higher focus on acceptance rather than change. Both have skills that can be practiced, and can increase confidence as individuals see how they are applying what they’ve learned.

How I’ve kept learning…I’m a national certified counselor (NCC) and a member of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists.

Who do I work with? Young adults, adults, and middle age are my preference. I am good with teenagers when the specific needs fit my specialities. I prefer individuals and couples, but am fine working with families.

I feel allied/aware/part of/informed/knowledgeable about…Sex Workers (allied), LGBTQIA+ (allied), and the immigrant community (allied).

I am the best fit for a client who…May be apprehensive about therapy, but is hopeful that it can help and open to exploring.

I am not a good fit for a client who…is seeking affirmation of maladaptive patterns and behaviors.

What makes me unique? I think that my general therapist characteristics are universal: open, welcoming, empathetic. I think what is unique is the individual connections made with each client.


The Practical Stuff

What insurances do I accept? I am in network with Carefirst BCBS

Do I offer telehealth or in person sessions? During Covid, I am offering teletherapy, but I generally prefer in-person when it’s safe to do so.


The Fun Stuff

Did you know…I once spent four days backpacking and rafting in the Colombian rainforest.

Any pets? I have a cat, Aviva.


How to Give me A Buzz

The best way to contact me…Email is best.