Liberty Deffenbaugh

What is grief if not love persevering? – Vision


Currently in school at Bowie State University – Counseling Psychology, Projected Graduation: May 2022

Currently accepting clients for a waitlist.

Why work with a clinician in training?

What’s therapy with me like? I focus on ethical non-monogamy, alternative lifestyles such as BDSM and Leather, as well as anxiety and depression using an Adlerian perspective, art/play therapy, and existential therapy.

These modalities can be used to create a holistic view of the person paired with an understanding of the wider world. Their flexibility to be paired with one another makes them great puzzle pieces for aiding in better health and wellness. We are dynamic beings with ever evolving experiences, so we should be treated as such.

How I’ve kept learning… I am a member of the American Psychological Association, American Counseling Association, and the Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors of Maryland. Each provides opportunities for continued learning. I also educate myself through workshops. I am working on certificates in Adlerian counseling, psychotherapy and addictions counseling.

Who do I work with? Adults over the age of 18, individuals, couples, and polycules.

My impacting identities are…I am a married, pansexual, polyamorous, cis-gendered white woman. I grew up in two very contrasting spaces. Maryland and the US Virgin Islands were about as different as you could ask for, but it gave me tremendous experiences in dual worlds. I am driven by the passions to help others as my family did in the Caribbean, interested in making an impact in marginalized populations. I am part of Leather traditions, M/s lifestyle, as well as an avid member of the BDSM community including a 24/7 power exchange relationship. I have PTSD-C from domestic violence, as well as depression and anxiety, which I actively work on. I am agnostic, direct, and can be quite hilarious.

I feel allied/aware/informed/knowledgeable about…BDSM (member and knowledgeable), LGBTQ+ (member and knowledgeable), Polyamory/Ethical non-monogamy (practicing and knowledgeable).

I am the best fit for a client who…wants to explore themselves and their world, especially clients who enjoy being challenged. I am a great fit for anyone who is exploring their sexual and gender identities, with great care and knowledge for trans persons. I’m a great fit for anyone who enjoys what alternative lifestyles can provide, as well as open minded clients who are seeking peace and stability. If you’re looking for a down-to-earth and real person to talk to with occasional swearing and dad jokes, then we would be a great fit!

I am not a good fit for a client who…is not ready to build a trusting relationship with a clinician, those that have complex concerns such as Borderline Personality Disorder, which I am not yet skilled enough to treat. I am also not a good fit for a client seeking a religious basis for treatment or who is offended by swearing.

What makes me unique? I am radically accepting of individuals and believe that nothing on your exterior changes the nature of who you are on the interior. I hold space for people in an open way, much like the open air construction in the Caribbean. I am a Capped Master in Leather and have very much included the tenants of respect into my life. I live in a poly household, making me able to truly connect with polycules and the dynamics within them. I’ve found that therapeutic relationships work best when people can be their authentic self, even if there’s ugly crying involved.


The Practical Stuff

What insurances do I accept? I am currently not in network with any insurances, but I offer therapy for a sliding scale between $30-70, based on what the client can afford.

Do I offer telehealth or in person sessions? I currently only do telehealth sessions.

Am I taking on new clients? Yes!


The Fun Stuff

Did you know…I have over 75 tattoos and am always adding more!

Any pets? I have 3 Pinschers: a Doberman (Max), German (Lola) & Miniature (Frank)!


What I’ve Learned Lately

  • Mandatory Reporter Training, Baltimore Child Abuse Center, 8/23/21
  • Working More Effectively with the LGBTQ+ Community, Relias Academy, 8/24/21
  • HIPAA and Behavioral Health, Relias Academy, 8/24/21
  • Best Practices in Suicide Screening and Assessment, Relias Academy, 8/29/21
  • Legal and Ethical Standards of Care in Behavioral Health, Relias Academy, 8/29/21
  • Understanding and Addressing Racial Trauma in Behavioral Health, Relias Academy, 8/29/21
  • Sexual Orientation & Behavioral Health 101 University of Maryland, School of Social Work, ,The Institute for Innovation and Implementation, 9/22/21
  • Gender Identity, Expression and Behavioral Health 101 Online with University of Maryland, School of Social Work, The Institute for Innovation and Implementation, 10/6/2021


How to Give me A Buzz

The best way to contact me is…by email at or click below to request an appointment!

Supervised By:

Tracy Lieb, LCSW-C