Clara Adkins, Ph.D, LGPC


Old Dominion University, Ph.D. in Counselor Education

Accepting new clients

What’s therapy with me like? I focus on adults experiencing general mental health issues including: anxiety, depression, trauma, life transitions, self-esteem, relationship issues, grief, coping skills, college concerns (undergrad and grad), health and wellness, and self-care, using Positive Psychology, Person-Centered Therapy, and some Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

I enjoy positive psychology because it takes a balanced approach by working on clients issues and helping them get to baseline while also identifying their strengths and helping them to thrive. It integrates both positive and “negative” components in therapeutic practice. Person-centered therapy is useful because it emphasizes empathy, unconditional positive regard, and genuineness, which are three key counselor characteristics.

How I’ve kept learning...I have experience supervising and teaching counseling graduate students. I have also taught undergraduate human services courses. I participate in research projects with counselor educators and my research interests include positive psychology, gratitude, PTSD, complementary and alternative medicine, and self-care. In my graduate program I traveled to Italy to study cross-cultural counseling with other undergraduate and graduate students in the mental health field. I plan on pursuing education in trauma informed yoga, positive psychology, nature therapy, animal-assisted therapy, and exercise and movement in therapy.

Who do I work with? Young adults, adults, and middle age adults.

My impacting identities are…I am adopted from South Korea and identify as a cis female Asian American.

I feel allied/aware/part of/informed/knowledgeable about…I am trained in multicultural counseling and have taught lectures on the topic of multiculturalism and diversity, I’ve had training in trauma and have done research on PTSD in the veteran population, I’ve had experience in interprofessional health, and I am an ally of the LGBTQ+ community.

I am the best fit for a client who…is aiming to become more authentic and identify their passions and purpose in life. I enjoy working with clients who are ready to experience honest and open communication and make a positive change in their lives.

I am not a good fit for clients who…are not ready to make a change in their lives. I’m an active and goal-oriented therapist and it is important for me to collaborate with my clients to help them take active steps towards achieving their goals.

What makes me unique? I have my own unique therapeutic style. I incorporate components of positive psychology and person-centered approaches with my own personal style of counseling. It’s important for me to be as authentic, open, honest, empathic, and validating as I can be with my clients. I am able to see my clients’ potential and help them to actualize it. I also help my clients to dive deeper and identify root causes of their problems so that they can overcome their problems and become more authentic.


The Practical Stuff

What insurances do I accept? I am in network with Cigna, and will be in network with Carefirst BCBS within a few months.

Do I offer telehealth or in person sessions? During COVID, I am offering teletherapy, but I offer both teletherapy and in person sessions otherwise. 


The Fun Stuff

Did you know…I was adopted when I was a baby and began communicating with my birthmother when I was an undergraduate sophomore. I plan on traveling to South Korea (origin of birth) to meet my birth mother for the first time in the summer of 2022.

I enjoy spending time with friends, family, and my pet cat Kiwi. Other hobbies include exercising, running, hiking, spending time in nature, cooking, walking dogs, journaling, gardening, traveling and pursuing creative projects.

Any pets? I have a cat/forever kitten named Kiwi who knows how to do tricks. She knows how to give her paw and do a double high five!


How to Give me A Buzz

The best way to contact me is…email, at and I prefer email. Or, you can schedule below!