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Abbey Brunault

“Nothing in the whole world is meaningless, and suffering least of all.” -Oscar Wilde


Currently in school at Johns Hopkins University – Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Projected Graduation: May 2023

Not accepting new clients or keeping a waitlist at this time.

Why work with a clinician in training?

What’s therapy with me like? My areas of focus are depression, LGBTQ+ issues, and trauma/PTSD. My therapeutic style combines person-centered, feminist, and cognitive-behavioral therapy approaches. With that being said, I like to collaborate with clients to find an approach that works best for them and plays to their strengths. My goal is to create a warm and non-judgmental environment where clients can discover their own power and purpose. I believe it is important to combine deep exploration into the self with practical skill-building. For me, therapy is about learning to cope in the here-and-now alongside growing self-understanding. I also find identity exploration to be incredibly powerful, particularly with how our lived experiences influence the way we see ourselves and the world around us.

How I’ve kept learning… I have recently been learning about anti-racism in counseling, the power of self-compassion, and empowering transgender and non-binary clients. I also believe in the value of learning from life experiences, and I consistently seek out new people and places that will challenge me to grow and expand my worldview.

Who do I work with? I do individual counseling with teenagers and young adults.

My impacting identities are… I am white, queer, middle-class, and fem. I strongly believe that my personal struggles with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and trauma have shaped me as both a person and a counselor. My own journey of healing has been dependent on feeling seen, finding a safe place to be vulnerable, and knowing that I am not alone in places of darkness. I hope to provide this for my clients.

I feel allied/aware/part of/informed/knowledgeable about… LGBTQ+ (part of and knowledgeable about), BIPOC populations (allied), ethical nonmonogamy/polyamory (allied). I am committed to furthering my knowledge and recognizing my privilege within the counseling space to create a safe and affirming environment for all my clients.

I am the best fit for a client who… is looking for hope and ready to learn more about themselves. I am a great fit for anyone who is looking to improve their self-esteem and self-compassion. I am also a great fit for anyone who wants to explore and embrace their sexual and/or gender identity.

I am not a good fit for a client who… is not ready to explore and challenge themselves. I may also not be a good fit for a client seeking faith-based counseling.

What makes me unique? I use my personal experiences as a client to inform my empathy and connection. I am always curious to know what makes you who you are. I believe that no one is broken and we are more than the things that hurt us. I hope to help clients find compassion for themselves in this way.


The Practical Stuff

What insurances do I accept? I am currently not in network with any insurances, but I offer therapy for a sliding scale between $30-70, based on what the client can afford.

Do I offer telehealth or in person sessions? I prefer in-person sessions but also offer teletherapy.


The Fun Stuff

Did you know…I am a certified yoga instructor.

Any pets? No pets yet! I dream of adopting a black cat.


How I’ve Kept Learning

  • Introduction to Mindful Self-Compassion Center for Mindful Self-Compassion, Dr. Kristin Neff, February 2022
  • Queer Teaching for Racial Justice and Against White Supremacy, National Conference on Race and Ethnicity, March 2022
  • Gender Minority Stress & Resilience in Transgender & Non-Binary, People Affirmative Couch, March 2022
  • Anti-racism Training 3 Month Training, Dr. Nathalie Edmond, March 2022 & April 2022
  • Fundamentals of Kink, Affirmative Couch, September 2022
  • For Shame! The Neglected Emotion in PTSD, American Counseling Association, October 2022
  • Multicultural Feminist Therapy, Southern Association of Counselor Education and Supervision (SACES) Conference, November 2022


How to Give me A Buzz

The best way to contact me is…by email at


Supervised By: 

Samantha Roth, LCSW-C