Employment Opportunities

We’re buzzing with excitement–The Hive is Full!

We are not currently accepting new applications at this time. You are still welcome to apply, as we keep all applications on file for when we enter into active hiring.

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BIPOC and LGBTQIA clinicians are strongly encouraged to apply. 

About Us

HoneyB Wellness is a dynamic, holistic-focused private mental health therapy practice located in Baltimore, MD. Established in 2018, the mission of HoneyB Wellness is to provide clients a space where they can blossom into the best version of themselves. HoneyB Wellness also seeks to provide clinicians an opportunity to develop into strong professionals and leaders in the mental health community. 

We’ve really focused on creating the type of private practice we always wanted to work at, a place we hope you’ll want to land at and stay awhile. Our team is passionate about reimagining how a private practice can function and thrive. We want to ensure our clinicians feel supported and able to blossom into the best version of their professional selves. Our goal is that you are able to meet your goals as a clinician, whatever those look like. 

As we like to say, HoneyB Wellness is therapy as creative as the client, so we’re looking for clinicians who:

Will blow us away with your excitement about the population you’ve fallen head over heels into supporting,  the social justice causes you’re fighting for, or the modality you’ve just discovered will change your career!

Have cool ideas that have been quietly (or not so quietly) sitting in the back of your mind, yearning for the opportunity to take flight? We want to hear about them! How can we help?

Are craving a chance to explore other gardens, as it were, and make strong, collaborative connections with other therapists, services, and communities in the surrounding area! 

What we need you to have:

  • Current clinical licensure in the state of MD, including LGPC, LMSW, LCSW, LCSW-C, LCPC, LCMFT, etc. (we are able to be a little flexible for new graduates, but you must have a license in order to join us)
  • Minimum Master’s Degree in related fields such as counseling or clinical social work 
  • The ability to see clients at minimum 15 hours a week (for contractors) and up to 32 hours a week, with the option to add up to 16 hours of paid administrative work, depending on caseload level
  • Awareness of impacting identities, aspects of privilege,  and forms of oppression 

And it would be sweet as honey if you came with:

  • Clinical face to face experience with clients
  • Experience as an approved clinical supervisor 
  • The ability to work evenings or weekends
  • A specialization or niche in some way 
  • And finally, including but not limited to, words like these on your resume: work with children and/or families, LGBTQIA, substance use, sex therapy, geriatric populations, autism spectrum disorder, art therapy, pregnancy/prenatal/postpartum, Gottman Method, internal family systems, ADHD, and more! 

We offer independent contractor positions starting at 15 client hours a week. These are hourly positions.

We are thrilled to now be offering full time staff positions. These positions come with a blended hourly compensation model that allows for both clinical work and administrative work if desired. They also include benefits such as:

  • Health, vision, dental, and life insurance
  • Paid time off
  • A yearly continuing education stipend
  • Clinical supervision for masters level licensure, as well as support with applying and studying for advanced licensure 
  • Assistance with insurance credentialing, referrals, and marketing  
  • Paid hours for notes
  • Direct deposit and tax withdrawal
  • Office space and/or the option to work from home, with a flexible schedule
  • Supportive, collaborative practice structure  
  • Opportunities for professional growth and development

With COVID-19 in its present state, we are currently offering in person sessions in Baltimore, MD to fully vaccinated clients (all of our staff is vaccinated). We will continue to offer walk and talk therapy and telehealth therapy to clients who prefer or need that. All of our clinicians are operating under work from home and in the office hybrid schedules. 

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to give Samantha Roth, LCSW-C (Director of Operations) a buzz at samantha@honeybwellness.com.

We are not currently accepting new applications at this time. You are still welcome to apply, as we keep all applications on file for when we enter into active hiring.

Fill out our therapist screening form here!