Working with Clinicians in Training

You may be wondering, “why should I work with an intern when I could work with a licensed clinician instead?”

It’s a question we get asked often. Here’s our response!

Low Funds? No problem!

Interns are not in network with insurances, which means they can work either pro bono (no cost) or a sliding scale. Sliding scale rates for our interns usually range from $30-$80 (compared to $80-$120 for a licensed clinician).


Interns are closely supervised by licensed clinicians who have years of experience in the field. You’re basically getting two clinicians at once! One role of a supervisor is to ensure the intern is operating within their scope of competence, which means monitoring that intern’s cases to ensure appropriate care is provided every step of the way. We focus on pairing interns mindfully with a supervisor who can support them in amplifying their voice, guided by that supervisor’s experience. 

Open Books 

Interns typically have greater flexibility and smaller caseloads than fully licensed clinicians. Most do not have waitlists and can be open to support you sooner rather than later.

Fresh Eyes

While field experience is no doubt beneficial, we never discount the new perspectives interns bring to the table. Because interns are finally dipping their toes into professional work (often after years of study), their excitement can be contagious!

Remember, every licensed mental health professional is required to complete a certain number of internship experience hours. We were all there once! 

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