Devin Fung

“A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.”  – John A. Shedd


Currently in school at Towson University – M.A. in Clinical Psychology, Projected Graduation: 2024

B.S. in Psychology from Towson University

Not currently accepting new clients.

Why work with a clinician in training?

What’s therapy with me like? Hi there! I offer in-person and online therapy for adults struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, and the stress that comes from everyday life. In my work, I take a nonjudgmental, affirming approach to treatment. I believe that everyone has the capacity to not only heal but thrive! I operate through the lens of intersectional feminism in all aspects of my life. If you are seeking a welcoming therapist who values your personal identities and respects the way they impact your life, you’re in the right spot!

I am a firm believer in person-centered treatment which empowers you to take charge of your healing journey. This means that I prioritize your individual needs, values, and goals throughout our therapeutic partnership. You are the expert in your life. My role is to support, guide, and facilitate your journey toward well-being. I also utilize psychodynamic theory to help understand how your past can have a major impact on your present and your future. Together, let’s learn about your patterns and whether or not they still serve you.

Deciding to begin therapy is a big step! If you feel like we would be a good fit and are interested in working together, please reach out to me by email.

How I’ve kept learning… Courses in my M.A. in Clinical Psychology program at Towson, participating in research on sexual violence, staying up-to-date on current literature. I am also a Mental Health Worker on Sheppard Pratt’s Trauma Disorders unit and an advisor for undergraduate PSYC majors at Towson University.

Who do I work with? I work with teenagers to older adults; I would like to work with individuals, but I would be very open to getting experience with couples and families.

My impacting identities are… I am a half-Chinese cisgender woman who values feminist ideals.

I feel allied/aware/part of/informed/knowledgeable about… BIPOC (allied/knowledgeable), AAPI/biracial (part of), Queer/LGBTQ+ (allied/knowledgeable), and Trauma survivors (knowledgeable).

I am the best fit for a client who… wants to feel heard and supported in a space which promotes their personal growth and healing.

I am not a good fit for a client who… is not willing to do the hard work and create change.

What makes me unique? I believe that my sincerity makes me stand out as a therapist. I feel a genuine connection with the people I have encountered while working in the field, and their healing is something that I adopt as a goal of my own. In therapy, we will learn from one another with the ultimate goal of your growth.


The Practical Stuff

What insurances do I accept? As a pre-licensed clinician, I am currently not in network with any insurance. However, my rates are on a sliding scale between $0-70, based on what the client can afford. Find more details about my out-of-network rates here.

Do I offer telehealth or in person sessions?  I offer therapy in person and virtually, but prefer to work in person.

Am I taking on new clients? Yes, please email me for more information.


The Fun Stuff

Did you know… I LOVE to bake bread! I currently have a jar of unused sourdough starter sitting in my refrigerator and would love to hear folks’ recipes.

Any pets? I have two cats, Piper and Willow!

What I’ve Learned Recently

  • Techniques for Helping Clients who Worry; Megan English; October 2021
  • Reclaiming Authenticity: The Healing Journey from Trauma to Self-Discovery; Thema Bryant, PhD; September 2023
  • The Myth of Normal: Redefining Mental Illness; Gabor Maté, MD; September 2023
  • Warmth, Space & Connectedness: Holding our Suffering with Self-Compassion; Kristin Neff, Ph.D. & Christopher Germer, Ph.D.; September 2023
  • Addressing Psychosocial Impacts of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome in Women and Gender Diverse Individuals; Stacy L. Williams, Ph.D.; September 2023
  • Come As You Are; Emily Nagoski; October 2023
  • Decoding Disorganized Attachment; Diane Poole Heller, Ph.D.; October 2023
  • Polywise: A Deeper Dive Into Navigating Open Relationships; David Cooley & Jessica Fern; November 2023
  • Working with the Fallout of Narcissistic Abuse; Dr. Ramani Durvasula; February 2024
  • No Bad Parts; Richard Schwartz; April 2024


How to Give Me a Buzz

The best way to contact me is… by email at


Supervised by:

Tracy Lieb, LCSW-C

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