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Courtney Corcoran, LGPC

“Love is an action, never simply a feeling” – bell hooks


Johns Hopkins University/May 2022 – Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Currently accepting new clients!

What’s therapy with me like? I specialize in women’s issues, LGBTQ community & gender affirming therapy, and relationship issues utilizing a person centered approach, relational cultural theory, and existential therapy. The theories I apply allow for what I feel is a really authentic and unique connection.

I am passionate about personal acceptance, growth, and positive change through compassion and understanding. I want to assist individuals and couples who are tasked with issues related to mental health struggles, identity exploration, personal and relationship issues, and challenging life roadblocks. 

Through the person centered approach, I strive to develop a connection and empathize with what my clients are experiencing. Relational cultural theory allows me deepen my understanding of a client’s issues, and contributes to my anti-oppressive and intersectional perspective. I prioritize an individual’s expertise on their own life, and acknowledge the systemic barriers that can contribute to personal issues, interpersonal conflict, and mental health concerns. Existential theory allows me to provide support while presenting challenges to clients, in order to expand their awareness. 

Integrating these methods allows me to provide a non-judgmental, affirming, and safe space to explore the history, connections, and patterns that exist. These discoveries can make it possible to identify and challenge what a client would like to change, as well as to embrace and celebrate what they would like to accept.

How I’ve kept learning… I feel like I am learning something everyday- as a counselor I am learning in classes, through the guidance and support of my peers and supervisors, and through my own experiences with clients. The most cherished wisdom has come through the relationships I have developed -with myself, with others, and with the world around me- on my journey to heal my own trauma. I hope I never stop learning and growing. I have become certified in Level 1 of the Gottman Method through the Gottman Institute. I have also been devoting a portion of my time to become more informed about the various mental health impacts that ADHD has on individuals as well as the best approaches and treatment methods for ADHD.

Who do I work with? I prefer to work with teenagers, young adults, and adults (15-35), and would like to work with individuals or couples. I have received Level 1 training in the Gottman Method for couples therapy. I have adapted my personal alignment of cultural relational theory to my practice of couples therapy to ensure my methods are inclusive, multiculturally competent, and queer, kink, and poly-am friendly. 

My impacting identities are… I am a highly sensitive person. As an HSP, I feel naturally attuned to the emotional experiences of my clients. I also have ADHD, which I see as a super power and a curse! I am agender, and I have no preference for she/her or they/them pronouns- feel free to use them interchangeably. I am an artist, Aquarius sun, INFP & an enneagram type-4.

I feel allied/aware/part of/informed/knowledgeable about… LGBTQIA+ (part of), neurodivergent (I have ADHD and am a highly sensitive person), and survivors of sexual abuse (part of), knowledgable about kink & ethical non-monogamy.

I am the best fit for a client who… wants to dive deep – even if it’s scary at first!

I am not a good fit for a client who… has no interest in self-exploration or wants to follow a very highly structured mode of therapy.

What makes me unique? I often integrate approaches in order to best treat the client in a holistic way. Also, being a highly sensitive person, I feel deeply connected to all of my clients. The therapy space we create together will be sacred, safe, and completely unique based on your goals, feelings and our therapeutic relationship.


The Practical Stuff

What insurances do I accept? I am in network with Carefirst BCBS and Evernorth (previously known as Cigna). I do not accept insurance for couples/relationship therapy.

What are my out-of-network rates? As a licensed clinician, my rates are $180 for an initial intake and $150 for subsequent 53+-minute sessions. Find more details about my out-of-network rates here.

Do I offer telehealth or in person sessions? During Covid, I offer teletherapy, and also offer in person therapy when it is safe to do so. 


The Fun Stuff

Did you know… I used to be a fashion stylist working in NYC & LA!

Any pets? Tofu the Pomeranian and Neely the Siamese cat.

What I’ve Learned Lately

  • Harm Reduction & Narcan Training; Emily Lamoreaux; January 2023
  • Ethical Non-Monogamy 101; Sam Roth; February 2023
  • “Invisible” Disabilities at Work: Fostering Neurodivergent Advocacy and Acceptance; Jessica Hicksted; February 2023
  • No Bad Parts: Healing Trauma and Restoring Wholeness with the Internal Family Systems Model; Richard Schwartz Ph.D; April 2023
  • Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents: How to Heal from Distant, Rejecting, or Self-Involved Parents; Lindsay C. Gibson; April 2023
  • Trans+ Affirming Letter Writing 101: The Basics (LIVE with CEUs); The Juniper Center – Margo M. Jacquot, Psy. D., CSADC, BCETS; June 2023
  • On Becoming a Person; Carl Rogers; July 2023
  • ADHD and Sex: Building Focus and Attention for Intimacy; Ari Tuckman, Psy.D., MBA, and Stephanie Sarkis, Ph.D.; August 2023
  • The Unspoken Truths of Postpartum Depression: Help for Women With and Without ADHD; Jayne Singer, Ph.D., IECMH-E; September 2023
  • RSD Toolkit: Strategies for Managing Your Sensitivities in Real Time; Sharon Saline, Psy.D.; October 2023

What I’ve Learned

  • Gottman Level 1 Training; Gottman Method Couples Therapy
  • Polysecure; Jessica Fern; September 2021
  • Gottman Relationship Checkup Webinar; The Gottman Institute; October 2021
  • The Body Keeps The Score: Brain, Mind & Body in the Healing of Trauma; Bessel Van der Kolk; November 2021
  • Proletarian Feminism & The Sex Trade; Brigid Ó Coileán; December 2021
  • Treating Complex PTSD with IFS; PESI, Inc.; January 2022
  • Behavioral Treatments for ADHD; February 2022
  • Anti-racism Training 3 Month Training; Dr. Nathalie Edmond; March 2022
  • Developing Emotional Resilience with ADHD; Dr. Russel Barkley; March 2022
  • Start with ‘Hello’: How to Reduce Social Anxiety and Foster Connections; Dr. Sharon Saline; March 2022
  • Neurodiversity: Strategies for living a life of love; Dr. Mike McNulty, PhD; September 2022
  • Why is Time So Slippery? Understanding Time Blindness in People with ADHD; Ari Tuckman, Psy.D., MBA; October 2022
  • Neurodiversity Training; Eddie Lomash, LCPC; November 2022
  • Trigger Warning: A Guided Shadow Work Journal & Workbook for Reparenting your Emotional Triggers; Ryan Puusaari, November 2022
  • Kink, ageplay & inner child work; Lina Dune & Baby Lihn; November 2022
  • ADHD, Relationships & Kink; Cate Osborn, Certified Sex Educator; December 2022

How to Give Me a Buzz

The best way to contact me is… by email, at


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