Interested in bee-ing an intern?

We are open for applications for Summer/Fall of 2024!

The field of mental health can be powerful, beautiful, and transformative for both clients and clinicians…

As a clinician, it can also be a difficult one, with unseen challenges and unexpected hurdles. One of the things that can make those challenges and hurdles easier is to have a strong foundation from which to take flight. Thus, one of the things we at HoneyB are most passionate about is supporting students as they learn to fly. 

We welcome the interest of potential interns, practicum students, or those seeking clinical placements year round, with the ability to provide supervision from independently licensed counselors and social workers. We are also open to the idea of supporting those in public health health administration, or related fields. And if you’re someone not in those fields, but wants to be creative about an internship, we’re all about that too! 

As clients do with clinicians, one of the things we are looking for is goodness of fit.

We want interns who can uphold and represent our values, who enjoy being part of a creative team while also maintaining some independence. We are especially interested in potential interns who fit well with the hive, can commit to long term internships, and may be interested in staying on with us as full time clinicians.
We get attached to our HoneyBs!

The first step to applying for an internship is to fill out our screening form; we use our screening form to follow up regarding interviews. In regards to the screening form, the more thorough and thoughtful yours answers, the more likely we are to reach out for an interview.

We are only accepting clinicians in training who can be with us for 2-3 consecutive semesters: whether that is a practicum or internship over the summer of 2024-fall of 2024, or internship in fall of 2024 and spring of 2025.

If you are interested in applying to be a clinician in training at HoneyB Wellness, the first step is to fill out our Intern Screening Form here.

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